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Can someone explain this anomaly to me please. Think it is great they are marching on or whatever, but what are the economics behind their attitude? Are they really such a huge firm that they can take advantage of the low construction costs atm while not making an immediate return? Would the cost of lending not prohibit this, or have they substantial capital?

€3.4 billion in Irish Assets – oh wait;) Well something must be driving them to build Montevetro atm because they would not be doing it if it was not viable surely? My guess is they are going on sheer speculation and may be anticipating an upturn in 2011, taking a gamble basically, but that is what business is all about – 2011 which id assume is the completion date for the two Vetro buildings? Even Crosbie is still insisting his tower is going ahead if the DDDA gives him permision for office space.

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