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@darkman wrote:

(Originally planned for U2 tower) Been looking at a few forums and they are really impressed with this and so am I!

Deserves it’s own thread. Leaves U2 tower in the shade on that image. Most impressive modern building proposed right now.:)

The design seems not to have changed from the U2 competition (image 5)

Treasury Holdings pulls a rabbit out of the hat.

What in the name of jaysus – how are people advocating this?

Its a bloody cut and paste! Thats unreal – Can’t believe they’ve done that so blatantly. I’m all for showstopping, spectacular architecture but this basically reduces architecture to wallpaper – just a nice pattern slapped on to make something look well but with no consequence or deference to the structure beneath. This is the same work practice which has afforded bad architects to slap up pattern book, horrible apartment buildings across the country.

Complete shite.:mad:

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