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Your disillusion with the current stasis in architecture in Dublin (and Ireland) and the general sense of inertia and status quo in the city shines through in this post Gunter. I cant help but share it and given the fall off in commentary in this site in recent times, so do so many others who seem to have given up.

Having participated in so many of these types of initiatives over the past couple of years I have to wonder what the sum of their parts is…have they amounted to anything tangible and real. I have written reports, in instances commissioned by the City Council, that haven’t even elicited a comment or worthwhile, for-the-record engagement from the same council. We have seen excellent initiatives come and go but little seems to change – Designing Dublin, Love the City, Hack the City, Redrawing Dublin…these all seem to blend into the haze of indifference that surrounds those in control of the city. Little changes, the same mediocre responses (or in most cases lack of response – so much cheaper) remain.

Anyhow I digress; the purpose of the original post was simply to understand what the f*** “Emergent Interstitial Insertions” are? Do I need to seek medical advice in advance?

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