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Paul Clerkin

@theman wrote:

There are definitely 3 docks – the largest is filled in and is at the south opf the photo, just behind the boundary wall. You can access if from South Docks Road, just at the RHS of the chain link fence. It is going to be used as a donor to piece in the missing stones to the other 2 docks. They are missing their gates, and the sluice that empties them into the Dodder also has to be upgraded.

The proposal for the development is mainly apartments, approx 6 floors high each building, in between each dock. Waterways are also getitng a new maintenance yard, as awell as a community center being incorporated into the development. AFAIK, the social & affordable element of Britain Quay / U2 tower is being allocated in this development.

A better view of these

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