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Its not the easiest site, but use of erratics needs to be controlled for best effect, some of McGarry Ní Eanaigh’s schools work showing this to best effect.
I’m not sure a modernist block treatment with a twist of erratic is an adeauate response here – raising the whole building á la Steve Holl might be.
However, to give credit where its due, the height refers strongly and does not compete, while the scale of the bays attemtps to refer.

Butm given that you’re workign with a stronly axial existing compositino, the design seems to have have learnt nothing from Capability Brown.
It seems a poor response in terms of massing, materials, reference and playing with the main axis and tangential views and approaches.

And of course, there is no use of pitched roofs but we still see the ubiquitous massive overhangs – why, sun screening?
Expect leaks á la Fosters School and disappearing canopies á la Carrickmines Apartments.


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