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Aha! Defer then! πŸ˜€

In terms of legality its more a case show me where it is legal for gays to marry, this is active legal discrimination based on something as immaterial as interracial marriage. Something illustrated really well by a reddit parody … … and fod :p

As for condoms, not illegal, but hey why should they be when the head of the church tells it like it is…

And as for the laws of PCland (where I also holiday), it borders Jordan, so its totally ok.

That wasnt my point at all however πŸ˜€ Did kind of jump at that one, sorry, but I found it distasteful, reeked of “ye dont like it?? fck off back to your own country then”. I played on the extremes to illustrate the fact that we have a stupid religion too (stupid is relative I guess). I am not trying to defend Islam at all, Im agnostic, and have equal distaste for many institutionalised religions, I was merely trying to attack your comment about those people for engaging in a process which many in this country do, regardless of nationality. Having friends from xxxxxxstan who are “muslim” like I am “christian” I didnt appreciate the implication. You’d get looks for that one irl (in real life ;))

PS It was a joke, already.

A bad one. The big C one on the other thread, that was funny :p

edit: wow, rant πŸ˜€ sorry for the OT.

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