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also think to overly concentrate on outsiders would be unfair to Fitzgerald who has established himself in the European pecking order as an individual of European standing in terms of the changes he has overseen. If every government promise for funding made was honoured on time he would have acheived a great deal more and I really hope that he is not let down at Grangegorman as many times as he was as City Manager.

I completely agree that John Fitzgerald has been an outstanding success in reinventing the council and changing its (often very negative) view of the city and its citizens.

My suggestion of a UK manager stems from the fact that (administratively at least) UK councils tend to be quite innovative and successful at pushing through new ideas. But its true, the choice should not be limited to UK. I just think that this is an important point fo Dublin. The new city manager needs to build on the achievements of push the city forward. Fitzgerald has broken through a lot of the psychological barriers to changing the way people use and view the city and a fresh outside perspective could go along way to developing Dublin into an important European capital.

Theres still plenty of things to do at DCC… a recent look at their website would show that. Its become so cluttered and second rate looking ( i still think you should be offering your services P Clerkin!). And dysfunctional departments like Roads and Public Lighting need to be tackled. Improving the city’s quays should also be a big priority for the next guy (why not any women?)

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