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Well it has a large atrium in the corner by broadstone for public use and the masterplan talks quite a bit about opening the facilities, playgrounds and the like, for public use. They also propose housing a public local library with the university library and there will be a school on the grounds.

I think we are too used to Campus Universities here, UCD wasn’t but they moved, really, or rather more typically, Universities spread beyond their original site and become mixed up with the neighbourhood. However, within their campuses Irish Universities are quite open, TCD is a major city center open space, UL and DCU have significant performance venues, TCD and UCC have public galleries, TCD has the science gallery, UL’s sports facilities get a lot of use beyond the university and sports grounds in the other universities are used by the public, unfortunately none of the Universities have opened their collections as museums, but all of them give reasonably unrestricted access to their grounds. The DIT plan seems to go even further in that direction, which is a good thing.

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