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What’s the advantage of that?

To have at least one Irish university which could conceivably compete internationally in terms of research?

The huge redundency in the system whereby every 3rd level institute in the country has a department of this or that means that none really achieves the critical mass to draw international academics of note or build successful research units. Even relatively successful departments here are very insular in my experience.

I misspent a couple of years doing post-graduate research; there were 3 or 4 3rd level institutions in Dublin where I could have done my work. While there was some cooperation, the reality was that the respective departments were effectively competing among themselves for students, staff and government/commercial funding.

Separate colleges under the University of Dublin makes sense assuming the departments are also amalgamated. Enrollment numbers of 50,000 doesn’t even qualify a university as being substantial by international standards. 100,000 might get you noticed. Such student numbers provide the financial support for active and successful research departments as well as potential post-graduate fodder. In theory the NUI is a single university with constituent colleges but the reality of it’s stucture mean that it is misleading to compare its student numbers with those of universities outside Ireland; UCD is the de facto largest “university” in Ireland with about 20k.

Like much of our infrastructure, it is spread too thinly which is inefficient and uncompetitive.

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