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Important tourist attractions wherever they reign

I concur with your point and think that someone like Pascal Maguelle from Barcelona would have been a great addition to the city. I also think that Ken Livingston has done a great job particularly with transport in London. Traffic is moving freely in the City and West End for the first time in decades which is a tribute to Livingston’s strength of will and a comparison with the Luas ducking Dawson Street is quite tragic.

I also think to overly concentrate on outsiders would be unfair to Fitzgerald who has established himself in the European pecking order as an individual of European standing in terms of the changes he has overseen. If every government promise for funding made was honoured on time he would have acheived a great deal more and I really hope that he is not let down at Grangegorman as many times as he was as City Manager.

Whoever fills his boots will have a big act to follow

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