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Don’t know if you’ve ever walked those grounds but there are stands and individual examples of spectacular yew trees that must be ancient and their preservation would be central to the design-haven’t had time to peruse the masterplans yet-just thought I would stick an initial oar in:)

I haven’t walked it, but I’m familiar from reading the documentation and looking at it on Virtual Earth. I’m not advocating a blank slate approach, btw, and retention of the historic buildings and whatever specimen trees remain would be essential in my opinion. That;s the starting point.


Re densification- increase the number of floors? Bear in mind, this is possible without going up. Though, in the case of Grangegorman, I do see potential for higher buildings too. My original point was more to do with potential for future densification. As you note, the current layout might increase the pressure on the green spaces, whereas a more concentrated one could specify which lands are for amenity use and which ones are for future development. If not, it could become another UCD Business Park.

Re the fingers- it’s a cute concept – oh look, it looks like a hand! – but I’d prefer it if they were called green corridors rather than fingers. Would you bet against someone at some stage referring to DIT ‘reaching out into the community’? 🙂

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