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Well, I’m still not convinced about the ‘heritage’ approach. For a street that is constantly touted as Dublin’s premier shopping quarter, the reality is that the public domain in Grafton Street is badly maintained with patchy paving and a mishmash of public furniture. The debate over the very poor choice of litter bins has been well aired in this forum. To me, the globe lighting and the flower baskets look is just a little too Victorian park for my liking. The red paving did look new and exciting in the dull 1980s but definitely time to stop patching it up and go for a more comprehensive overhaul.

I’m not saying we need more chinese granite and steel furnishing – these are not the only choices available – and Grafton Street certainly deserves to have an image of its own. I’ve always thought that it would be great to get away from the central carriageway with a ‘pavement’ on either side which was adoped with the original paving scheme. I presume this was adopted because of the practicalities around deliveries but it would be great to see a scheme developed which was not so obviously based around the needs of motorised vehicles.

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