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And in fairness some of what’s there at present is of a good standard. Okay the globe heads a tad civic 80s improvement scheme-like, but still of good design and well proportioned. Merely giving these attractive pedestrian-scale standards, some of which may be original but most reproduction, a coat of dark green paint and elegant new lamps with glittering white halogen bulbs would transform the street. In this new era of cutbacks across the board, there is simply no need to go lavishing funds on an entire suite of modernist furniture for Grafton Street, complete with happy-clappy banner poles and other such notions. Obviously litter bins and signage will be required, and an appropriate paving scheme, but keep things simple and elegant.

The problem is we’re used to appalling standards of reproduction in Dublin, ranging from the silver lampposts of the quays to the factory monsters capping the very icon of the city: the Ha’penny Bridge. Bizarrely, two perfectly lovely lanterns on the side elevation of City Hall have just been replaced with two more of these hideously manufactured tin cans, complete with CFL globe bulbs, making the side door of City Hall now bear more resemblance to a vulgar one-off in the countryside than the entrance to one of the most important attractions in the city. Really quite extraordinary how resources can be so misdirected, and to such ignorant effect.

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