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I too agree, the new Christmas lighting scheme for Grafton Street is superb, and the use of Christmas greetings ‘as Gaeilge’ is a nice touch as well. However, it appears the Council could have paid a bit more attention to straightening some of the small candles which encircle each chandelier on the street. A few of them are quite crooked, and some are almost pointing in the wrong direction. A bit annoying, but only a small glitch I guess. A bit ironic, however, that the year the Council decides to go all glam with the Christmas decorations for arguably the country’s most stylish and fashionable street, is the same year the most tacky and awful-looking litter bins are dumped on the street as well.
As I said last year, or maybe the year before, I’m actually quite a fan of the Christmas lighting on Henry Street. It’s a HUGE improvement on the lighting scheme that was being used up until recently, and is simple, understated and yet a bit funky. Henry Street, I think, will never have quite the same class as Grafton Street, so trying to copy Grafton Street’s very elegant and grandiose lighting scheme would be silly. Each lighting scheme complements its respective street I think.

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