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Good lord…well where to start.

Firstly the blurb from Hartecaste’s own website:

Following the success of our Ductile Iron Litter Bin range the new Base Ball Bat Bollard range is of the same strength and is a great addition to our already popular range. It is a seriously heavy duty bollard which is available with contrasting colour strip for higher visibility. – See more at:

So there you have…gunter was not far off the mark.

At the time of the Part VIII application, a number of people, myself included took the time to comment on the Council’s plans. The design of street furniture was left deliberately vague but the Part VIII application documentation did includes such standards phrases as…

It is proposed that the street furniture be well-designed and elegant, and both reflect and express the unique character of Grafton Street.

A planning authority of course never really needs to justify its proposals under Part VIII. In my experience the public is usually ignored …unless they are in wheelchairs or run a charity shop or some other such trait that the media are likely to attach themselves to. Crap design is not something even the Irish Times can engage with.

So it was in this instance. The few calls that were made to retain the existing lamps etc were roundly ignored. ‘Contemporary’ rules the day. But this is not the contemporary of Beth Gali, its rather Bollards ‘R’ Us.

I got a recent reply via Twitter that the old lamps were being reclaimed by the Public Lighting Dept (bastion of style elegance and conservation that it is) for use elsewhere in the city.

I suppose its a fair point to say that the city is not a museum piece and that it should not be a simple case of old vs new, olde worlde vs cool Hibernia. But in this instance is very much lowest common denominator stuff. Given that city architect Killian Skay (oops dont mention their names) spent about 2 years on the design of this street…something more than a browse through the Hartecaste catalogue would have been expected.

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