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@mcdanish wrote:

Anybody know when the proposed repaving is to start work?I was on Grafton street yesterday and its appalling.Why have they let it deteriorate to such a level.

I think the condition of the street is the whole reason for the project. Its true that it has gone on far too long but the proposal now is to repave the street in its entirety. Why it was allowed to get so bad is a good question however…but this is Dublin.

Also why they don’t get on with pedestrianising the surrounding streets in a integrated way is beyond me. The area is bursting with new businesses and they are trying to flourish in poorly paved streets that don’t encourage footfall. If these areas were nicely paved businesses would thrive and jobs would actually be created. It wouldn’t cost a huge amount either.

It would cost a significant amount. However again the “plan” is an integrated vision for the area from Kildare Street to South Great Georges Street. Haven’t seen the plan myself and I would hope that the Council would make more of this investment in the city centre and allow for reasonable comment on what it proposed.

As part of the 1st phase…which is Grafton Street (it having the most pressing need – see your point above), the recent temporary changes on Clarendon Street are meant to facilitate greater pedestrian traffic on that street owning to the works on Grafton Street.

You should read back the thread….lots of good information and comment on the project.

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