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The Grafton Street ASPC Scheme is here for all to read.

One interesting item regarding uses:

(a) Notwithstanding the interpretation of “shop” by Article 5 (1) of the Planning and
Development Regulations 2001 to 2005 (or any regulations revoking or re-enacting these
regulations) the change of use of a shop or part of a shop to a premises trading as any of
the following will now constitute a material change of use and will require planning
permission: –
• Catalogue shop
• Cosmetics / beauty products
• Discount Shop / End of lines / Closing down/ Sales outlets
• Hairdressers
• Health Food Shops
• Launderette or dry cleaners
• Mobile Phone Shop and related goods
• Newsagents / convenience store
• Off-licences and Wine Shops
• Pharmacy
• Sex shop
• Souvenir Shop
• Stationary / Card Shops
• Supermarket
• Travel Agents

The Council planners probably never even conceived that a Charity Shop might set up here.

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