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Should approval be granted Dublin City Council anticipates that work will begin in January 2013 and will be completed in approximately 14 months.

Well surprise surprise, the Council have approved the works…

The ‘conditions’ make for bizarre reading, given the origins of the scheme.

The proposed development has been assessed and it is considered that it would be consistent with both the provisions included in the Dublin City Development Plan 2011-2017 and with the proper planning and sustainable development of the area subject to the following requirements which are intended to safeguard the architectural integrity of this important street;

1. The detailed design, and selection of materials, colours and location of the full range of street furniture including public lighting shall be agreed in writing with the Planning Department prior to the commencement of construction. Reason: In the interest of visual amenity and in order to protect and enhance the special architectural character of Grafton Street, a designated Architectural Conservation Area.
2. The development shall comply with the following requirements of the Roads and Traffic Division:- • The materials including colour and finishes to be used in the proposed new layout shall be agreed with Road Maintenance Division, City Architects and the Planning Department of Dublin City Council. • The developer shall ensure that pedestrian access is maintained at all times to the street. Reason: In the interest of orderly and sustainable development and in order to ensure that the selected materials are in keeping with the architectural character of Grafton street, a designated Architectural Conservation Area.
3. The development shall comply with the following requirements of the Drainage Division of Dublin City Council; • The Greater Dublin Regional Code of Practice for Drainage Works Version 6.0 (see Forms and Downloads). Reason: In the interest of orderly and sustainable development.
4. Prior to commencement of development, a Project Monitoring Committee shall be set up which shall include representatives from the local business community and other local stakeholders. The purpose of this Committee will be to allow for the ongoing assessment of the project and impacts on the local environment, identification of problems arising and proposing measures to remedy and manage any identified shortcomings. As part of this process, an officer shall be appointed by Dublin City Council to liaise with local stakeholders, the contractors and project team. Reason: In the interests of protecting the economic, social and cultural interests of the street during the construction process and having regard to the need to identify and remedy any adverse impacts arising from the development.
5. A strategy for street art/busking on Grafton Street shall be developed in conjunction with the final detailed design of the paving scheme. Reason: In the interests of enhancing the character of Grafton Street as a major city centre destination.

As with the similar Palace Street scheme (ie an LAW applications) there is no Planner’s Reports posted so it is unclear how the authority dealt with the various submissions made (20 in this instance).

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