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I think you are both reading too much into the architects design speak on this. I haven’t heard anything to suggest that a shared roadway is envisaged or that the pedestrian nature of the street is to change. In face, if anything the trend seems to be for more pedestrianised streets in the area.

Perhaps Stephen – will have to wait & see.

The background colour will be a mid-grey with a “way-finding path” of dark grey stone off the central roadway on one side to provide an obstruction-free route along the street.

Difficult to reconcile this ‘way finding path’ business, however.

For me the Henry Street scheme is forgettable, and the general homogenisation of our entire public realm with Chinese granite, regrettable.

Gone are the nuances that define and characterise various pockets of the city.

Dyed ‘red’ concrete brick should never really have worked on Grafton Street, but it did. It defined and lifted the entire south city quarter. Sure, it is now time for it to go, but Grafton Street is in need of more than just another granite job. Using Irish stone would be a start.

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