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Gosh, this thread would bring you back down after enjoying all the lovely sunny weather. While the above commenters are certainly right that some premises have deteriorated (particularly Boots, it’s shocking that they’ve been let ruin that beautiful old-fashioned shop front with that plasticised mess) there are still places on Grafton Street which recognise that they are on the premier shopping street of Ireland’s premier city. Swarovski, Bewley’s, Brown Thomas, Weir and Sons, Tommy Hilfiger, M&S, McDonalds and the Disney Shop would be examples of better stewards than the ones mentioned above. So while there are problems with Grafton St. such as cracked paving, a proliferation of gaudy signage and a lack of general will to maintain standards, those standards are still there and Grafton Street, especially in frosty December with the lights aglow, still has the power to sparkle.

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