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The original long, elegant proportions of the first floor window opes were also revealed in the course of works. This was probably visible inside prior to any works being undertaken. But again, ignored in favour of a tall and cumbersome new shopfront.

Let’s not forget the painted granite window sills.

Or the 1960s-revival slab reveals.

Or the refined resolution of the quoins.

The seamlessly subtle, unpainted joint with the adjacent brick facade.

It should also be noted that, because the building was not a Protected Structure (it should have been), the entire structure was (legitimately) gutted in a matter of weeks. Nothing was left standing only the four walls tottering on steel beams and a corner column. The 1960s shopfront was also partially removed before planning permission was even granted for the external works. Again, the planning authority had no interest in pursuing anything. To stand on the street back in June, hearing the innards of the building collapsing down with multiple blows, floor by floor, through an unauthorised removed shopfront, while a planning permission in an ACA was being prepared with zero conservation input, was simply galling. And even more so when it was being carried out for a Dublin business that prides itself on its tradition and long-standing trading since 1916. Where has the merchant pride gone in Dublin? One truly despairs.

The sole meagre consolation from the whole ordeal is that the building is worth substantially less than had the job been done properly.

West RIP

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