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The job on the old West’s premises seems to be nearing completion, for what it’s worth.

a Graham ‘before’ pic from the ‘shopfronts’ thread

today with the scaffolding down

Their shield of green mesh was so dense that it was almost impossible to glimpse the works, but if you peered in with a zoom lens you could just about see that they had knocked off all the render and exposed the original red brickwork, which appeared to be in pretty good condition. . . . [I’d wager that Graham has got exactly that; good zoom images of the brickwork]

the Grafton Street front with the original brick finish exposed behind the scaffolding mesh

the Anne Street frontage again with the original brick finish peeping through the protective mesh

Whatever about not making any effort to reinstate the two chimney stacks on the Anne Street facade, which remain the stumps that they’ve been for years, I don’t understand the concept of re-rendering the building after all the old render had been so painstakingly removed.

This was built as a brick building, surely the render lessen its quality as a piece of streetscape, and surely it lessens its interest as one of the few remaining 18th century houses on the street. With its anonymous ‘period’ windows and painted facades, I think this is a missed opportunity . . . . and that’s before we even begin to look at the shopfront.

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