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Ultimately, get rid of the car parks.

In the mean time, pedestrianise Exchequer/Wicklow/Clarendon Street, and slowly we can flush out the cockroaches (car park owners) to streets outside the Grafton area.

Remove these bollards and give the entire street the granite treatment. Cars wanting to park in the outdated car parks will feel intimidated by the amount of pedestrians and eventually will avoid the area. (Well, we can dream)

Why are there loading bays here? Get rid of them, and get rid of the bollards and other crap.

Wicklow Street – what a waste. This road is here to serve BT’s car park. Pedestrianise it and force drivers to mingle slowly with the pedestrians.

DCC need to grow a spine and stick it to these car parks. Move them out of the Grafton area and rezone. Easier said than done, I know, but we have to start somewhere.

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