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From the Herald

PLANS to repave the upmarket shopping mecca of Grafton Street are to be pushed through by the end of this year.

Dublin City Council and the Dublin City Business Association (DCBA) are embarking on an extensive “vision statement” for the Grafton Street quarter.

The last time the street was repaved was over 20 years ago — when iconic redbrick was laid as part of the Dublin millennium projects with a cost of IR£500,000.

The extensive works are continuing despite a tightened budget in the council.

However, its understood that a number of the projects in the scheme may have to be put on the backburner.

“The vision statement will contain a number of improvement proposals including the repaving of Grafton Street, improved public lighting, street furniture and an improved environment and experience,” said a council spokesman.

And this week, Dublin businesses are invited to provide their own thoughts.

“So far approximately 450 views on what people like, don’t like or wish to improve have been taken through on-street surveys,” the spokesman said.

“In addition the approx 1,500 business owners and residents in the area have been invited to workshops on Thursday and Friday to give their views.

“Departments in Dublin City Council including planning and Development and Roads and Traffic will also give their views. There will be a wider public consultation following publication of the vision statement.”

The repaving is expected to be carried out over three to four years to reduce the disturbance along the route.

DCBA chief executive Tom Coffey said the move could be a significant boost by attracting more tourists to the area.

“There will be pain, but if these kind of projects are completed for the centenary of the 1916 Rising, then we can boost tourism and have a truly modern city,” he said.

The repaving of Grafton Street will be included in a complete overhaul of the areas around George’s Street and Grafton Street, but the city’s most expensive thoroughfare may not be first on the list of streets to be done.

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