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I spotted another development at the top end of the street at the weekend. This time its No.s 57 and 58, currently occupied by Richard Allan and Sisley. The Richard Allam store extends out onto South King Street and the plans allow for the amalgamation of the two units and a standardising of the floor space.’wphappsearchres.displayResultsURL?ResultID=1763858%26StartIndex=1%26SortOrder=APNID:asc%26DispResultsAs=WPHAPPSEARCHRES%26BackURL=%3Ca%20href=wphappcriteria.display?paSearchKey=1410834%3ESearch%20Criteria%3C/a%3E’%3ESearch%20Results%3C/a%3E

Sorry for the length of the URL (blame the WYSIWYG)

One small point from me is the proposed treatment to the facades of Nos. 57 and 58 which are currently painted brick. The plans provide for a rendering of the frontage which seems to me a shame. When viewed from halfway along the street this whole stretch of frontage looks rather bland given that both Dunnes Stores and the soon to arrive Disney Store are painted. I think stripping back to the brick frontage and cleaning up some of the ornamentation would have had a much more dramatic effect. Curiously, the Conservation Report accompanying the application, says nothing about the treatment of the facades, and the DCC Conservation Architect didn’t seem too perturbed either. Permission was granted before Christmas with a condition making amendments to the plans:

2. Development shall not commence until revised plans, drawings and particulars showing the following amendments have been submitted to, and agreed in writing by the Planning Authority, and such works shall be fully implemented prior to the occupation of the buildings:- a) Details of the exact colours, materials and method of illumination of the signage of the proposed shopfronts to No.s 57 and 58 Grafton Street clearly showing compliance with the Dublin City Council Shopfront Design Guide. b) Details of the elevational treatment of No. 57 shall be submitted at a scale of 1.20including details of the materials to be used. The details shall have regard to its historical architectural context adjoining a protected structure and located within an ACA. c) The survey information shall be updated by a Conservation Architect, and the fabric/layout reviewed and re-submitted at stripping out/opening up stage. Where primary fabric is discovered the conservation strategy should be reviewed and re-submitted. d) Details of render, stone cills, copings and window details. e) Ground and first floor plans shall be revised to retain the vertical circulation route/stairway in the Protected Structure along the north party wall. f) Ground and first floor plans shall be revised to provide for a smaller opening between No. 57 & 58 Grafton Street having regard to the position of historic elements and fabric and the need to provide for its protection. Reason: To ensure that the integrity of this protected structure is maintained and that all works are carried out in accordance with best conservation practice.

Its not fully clear but the planner seems to have gone with the proposed rendering. Its a shame because red brick is such a strong feature of Grafton Street and is used to very nice effect elsewhere on the street.

Anyhow, what with a revamping of the public domain and a number of quite substantial developments its is clear that Grafton Street is likely to change significantly in the coming years.

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