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I agree the application has both positives and negatives which the submission by Kevin Duff recognises in a very balanced manner. On the positive by adding more retail floorspace through the elimination of the Creation Arcade and replacement with better configured space. However the additional storey on top of the Burton Building is simply unacceptable and lets be honest won’t add any real value given slightly off prime office rents. To see what this would look like just stand on O’Connell Bridge looking South.

I was shocked to see that Korkeys have placed a full height advertising shroud on the front facade of their Grafton Street Shop. It was embarrasing seeing tourists have their photos taken with a cheap plastic banner as a backdrop. For the avoidance of doubt Korkeys were offered very substantial sums to assign their lease by UK retailers trying to get onto the street 4-5 years ago; so his complaints are simply just his way of saying I should have taken the money; we all make investment decisions for good or bad but a retailer cannot be allowed to spoil the special character of the main shopping Street in the Country on a vendetta.

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