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That is the first time I’ve ever heard you so negative. 😮

What Dublin needs is a strong Dublin City Business Association offshoot that only serves the key Spine of Grafton Street, Westmoreland St, O’Connell St as far as the Spire, Henry Street and Mary Street based on the the New West End Company model in London that only serves Oxford St, Regent St and Bond Street. This area has outperformed the rest of the UK by c20% in sales growth in 2009.

The penny clearly needs to drop that all the investment poured into the Street by the vast majority of retailers on these streets counts for nothing if the few discount operators who are abusing the system can act with impunity.

Dublin is competition for visitors with a number of other cities and given the price matrix the Dublin retail offer needs to conducted in a setting that is superior to its competitors. The various state and local authorities can keep writing reports into to infinity on macro issues but make no mistake the competitor cities are not allowing the actions of a few shit goods retailers to destroy their prime retail pitches; the tax revenue that a sophisticated tourist brings is just too valuable to risk.

Some small steps would be

1. Create a Prime retail group made up of landlords, retailers, local government and Bord Failte

2. Ban sandwich boards and leaflet distribution in stated areas.

3. Conduct a Citry Council audit of signage for compliance

4. Introduce penalties of up to €100,000 per sign for non-compliance

5. Prosecute offenders and deploy the funds to environmental enhancement or legibility measures

Visitors love the Dublin leisure offer and peoples attitudes but maximising revenue per visitor can only occur in the right environment

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