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Thank goodness those awful suspended sodium lamps never became that popular in Ireland – one of the worst British urban design influences of the 20th century. They make Grafton Street look like Belfast!

I never knew the corner building on the corner with Chatham Street was in fact part of a pair – one of the best Victorian infills in the city. How grand they looked side by side. And how magnificent Woolworths looked indeed – a most unusually frothy design for Dublin.

Thankfully the separate ownership of the northern end of the building, as evidenced above by a different paint colour on the farthermost bays – which apparently was built a little later than the adjoining four bays but in the same style – resulted in its survival. It can still be seen today, looking forlorn and distinctly overdressed on its ownio. Oddly, this building jumped out of the streetscape at me (metaphorically speaking) coming up Anne Street only the other week. Grafton Street narrows at this point, making it otherwise unnoticable.

The rest of course was whacked for Woolworths in the late 1940s, in the store’s time-honoured UK post-war blitz style, and is now HMV.

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