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@Thomond Park wrote:

For a start a prescriptive regime would eliminate all possibility for innovative contemporary designs and this would be retrograde in my opinion. If the concept of ACAs were enforced signage would present a medium for retailers to drawn attention to their pitches without undermining the architectural integrity of their location.

A good example of good signage is the Spar shop on Camden Street where simple contemporary metal lettering has been used on a period building.

Which is pretty much what i suggested. As for the innovative contemporary designs, they could still use them in shopping centres. I don’t think there should be big Golden Arches etc on Grafton St. In Krakow, Paris etc they use metallic/silver lettering on the main street and I think that should be the case here too – they could still use them on streets other than Grafton St , Henry St and O’Connell St.

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