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Might as well chuck in another ‘I agree’ 🙂

Yes Grafton St needs a Special Planning Control Scheme as the CC are suggesting, as well as Architectural Conservation Area status given the diverse range of architectural styles and building types on the street, and the thoroughfare’s importance in the city centre.

Agreed about the paving, it is in a terrible condition at this stage. There is as Daragh says a crazy paving effect being generated now with the amount of patched up areas. The street is constantly under repair – don’t think I’ve walked down it in two years without cones and tape erected somewhere. And even then these works simply don’t have the phyiscal ability necessary to cover all areas: there’s always loose bricks or white tiles somewhere.

For some strange reason though, I think the ‘heritage’ look works very well on Grafton St – it just suits it.
I’d hate to see it get the cold Barcelonisation treatment – rather the traditional feel by and large should be maintained with the street furniture, though perhaps given a simpler more streamlined look, and crucially a warm paving scheme kept.
The rust coloured granite that’s used on Henry St as a mere accent to the dominant grey could be used as the main stone on Grafton St for example – maybe with basalt as the accent.

I think the warm colour of Grafton St’s paving is what makes the street stand out in the city and should be kept.

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