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looks like i got what i was looking for, although on a much smaller scale:D
a television screen advertising smart telecom has been erected just under the budweiser sign on the top of grafton. Its my hope that this area will evolve into dublins time square/piccadilly circus… šŸ˜® well not that cluttered as it is a small area, but i think a larger screen or two would suit. how does everyone else feel about screens in the city???

I think the screen on Grafton St. will just make it harder for other screens to get PP and generate interest in potential advertisers for future screens, and for the record ihateawake, it’s an LED screen not a television!;)

LED screens combine the colours red, green and blue at varying intensities to produce full colour video imaging. At the right viewing distance and intensity level these colours combine in each pixel to produce white. The screen on Grafton St. isn’t doing this. It also has at least one IM (an LED array) that isn’t producing colour.

Another rather rudimentary factor to consider with LED screens is viewing angles. Depending on the mounting technology used the LEDs can block each other out from certain angles. There are also louvres between each row of LEDs to help with shading, sometimes these are pointed downwards for extra effect. Either way, these louvres are designed to run parallel with the horizon. The screen on Grafton St. is the only screen of its type I’ve ever seen that doesn’t do this. Why? It appears that the entire unit has been turned 90 degrees to make it fit on the wall. šŸ˜® This makes the viewing angles far narrower than is usually acceptable for typical urban spaces and may have an impact on the IP65 ingress rating.

There is definitely scope for the development of LED screens in Dublin but like everything else it needs to be done properly. Every screen that is poorly conceived and implemented makes it harder for the next one to get PP. Many cities have badly integrated LED screens that look poor and are in a state of disrepair. Hopefully Dublin will get it right.

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