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Sorry! sarcasm just comes across as rudeness through de wonderfuul mediam ov de tinternett. My experience of times squares is that it works as it is an area full , no bursting , with theatres and “eateries” and such. I think that’s why The lighting on Piccadilly doesn’t work : there just aren’t enough places like theatres and cinemas . Piccadilly happens to have lots of people going by that’s all.It has no buzz at all. Grafton street would be the same. That’s why i suggested the square in temple bar , but there again no .Because i don’t think that would look quite right. The point village maybe , i’m not sure though. The top of liffey street , maybe the side of the central bank that faces dame street ( that might be cool , as the screens would be angled towards the ground). Maybe on the pedestrian area leading to talbot street from o’connell street .

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