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While Grafton Street maybe Dublins busiest street, it has a lower spend per user than that of Henry Street.

Grafton Street serves two main purposes: as a main shopping street and as a main pedestrian thouroughfare linking the city to St. Stephens Green and its associated office district. As such many of the users are simply going somewhere else.

However Henry Street is more of a shopping Street than Grafton Street. It is not used as a thouroughfare in the sense that Grafton Street: it is not a link to any major business or commercial district. People mostly use Henry Street as a shopping destination.

Is there not a contradiction in DCC seeking to improve the street by discouraging certain retailers but being interested in attracting Zara and its ilk? Surely this would accelerate the decline from a unique and high class shopping destination to a monotonous ‘high street’ repeated ad nauseum throughout Britain? In attempting to get Zara etc, it would involve knocking some of the smaller units together – destroying the variety of stores on offer on the street.

Over the past century, once prosperous thouroughfares became economic backwaters and similarly once ignored streets became dominant retail districts. In the 1950s, O’Connell, Sth. Gt Georges and Thomas Streets vied with Henry Street and Grafton Street for attracting the mass of shoppers. Given the increasing attractiveness of Georges Street and Liffey Street for shoppers, may we be seeing other streets eclipsing the tired and jaded established retail core?

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