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Totally agree that this is a metaphor for the streets change from quality products not available elsewhere aimed at a then small catchment say 10% of the population to one which is very mass market with goods at all prices.

I have no problem with luxery goods moving off the street; I am sure that Pia Bang did her maths and realised that she could make money serving her customer base developed over 30 years at a lower rent than requiring a 200% or 300% uplift in sales to make a similar return.

Take half the phoneshops out and prevent convenience stores going in and it is entirely likely that Grafton Street will re-balance. The ideal result would be that a quality offereing would spill over in places such as South King St and Clarendon St to diversify the offering.

I definitely see a half full glass here with a little attention to paving repair vs replacement and some large anchors on the adjoining streets this area will re-emerge as the dominent location for Dubliners

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