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I know the paving is rather dated, but the red brick (with the white trim) adds warmth to the street. Grey paving can be very austere, drab and cold.
After having the the O’Connell Street paving debacle drag on for the last few years it would be a dread to face it all again.
Remember as well, the 2 million pound job spent on Henry Street before that which dragged on for a couple of years. Was the finished artcle worth it? …especially that they took away the coordinating street bins.
Regarding Grafton Street, maybe the paving and kinda kitsch retro street furniture should be just maintained. For it to get another ubiquitous grey paving with brushed metal additions makeover would remove it’s quirky kind of appearance. It looks good in the Summer too with the hanging baskets.
Hard to imagine that cars once jammed this street with its narrow broken foothpaths

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