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@d_d_dallas wrote:

Phone Shops are sooo 2006.

Agreed they have pulled back massively much to the disappointment of landlords but once in it is very difficult for them to assign their interests as it is very easy for a landlord to argue that virtually any other occupier including say Arcadia or even Dunnes Stores is a much weaker covenent based on market cap.

Landlords love them becuasse they hold the retail records for lettings on Oxford St London since 2003, Grafton St Dublin the Vodafone letting in 2005 and Hauptwache Frankfurt record from 2004.

Only the Corporation introducing micro-zoning by use class on their principal streets will stop the next fad occupier which could very well be Chinese Herbal Remedy shops. Which if Parnell St is anything to go by will certainly add a splash of colour.

My main gripe are covenience stores there are simply too many of them and their signage is as other posters have said designed to appeal to our most base impulses.

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