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i agree, Grafton street has had better days,
Now its Under threat from the likes of Dundrum shopping centre and competition from northe side streets eg As Henry street which is really coming close in ranks to Grafton street for shoppers and crowds.
i heard that Grafton street takes something like 12,500 pedstrains per day , which is huge figure, but it has remain static throughout the , considering the consumer spending and population explosion of the city!
While Henry street is thriving and it pedstrian figures is about 11,500 and increassing , due to a number of international retailers such as Zara and more comming and since the Ilac centre is been redevloped H&M will be moving there next year too. so its bad news for Grafton street!

A lot of existing and well estblished businesses on Grafton street are moving elsewhere to the likes of wicklow st and suffolk street, due to the outrages rents

by the way the pavents could do with a facelift!

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