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It is possible under the SPCS of O’Connell Street (as with all SPCSs one would assume) in the form of forced change of use rather than termination of lease as far as I know – presumably sub-letting would come into play in such a case. It seems its a tactic they are reluctant to use.
I wouldn’t say it is too late to change things but agreed that Grafton Street has been allowed get out of hand for far too long. As usual response-led tactics are the order of the day…

What I’d like to know about Grafton Street is why is it such a busy thoroughfare? It’s not particularly near the central business district of Baggot St/Merrion Square, nor are stores that populate its length any more appealing than elsewhere in the city. Are people just naturally drawn to the place as a popular route though the city, or is it the fact that it’s a pedestrianised street that makes it seem more busy to the average eye than it really is? (though obviously statistically it is).

I can never understand why the place is so busy, nor why people would want to avail of the majority of its shops: they’re busier then elsewhere, probably more expensive, and nothing particularly special. It seems that it just happens to be sited on a natural nodal point of sorts in the city, where pedestrian activity overlaps and intensifies. Or is it a combination of the various factorsmentioned above?
I don’t know – other than I tend to avoid the place like the Plague; can rarely see the appeal of it at all.

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