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The critical component of this forum is people and numbers, it would not matter if it was plumbers or project managers as long as you are in the business of tendering for government work, a change for one body is a change for all.
Of course the big boys would like to keep their monopolies, but people can change that.
Screw the IEI, ISTRUCTE and RIAI, they have zero power or influence, they will do whatever represents themselves and their buddies in the best light.
If the change is truly beneficial to the vast majority, then the vast majority can insist on it, through petitions, lobbying, marching etc etc. Now I know this seems a little over the top but if people really want it then they can have it. Desperate times call for desperate measures. If you want something in this country, the last thing you should do is apply through the orthodox channels as they have not been structured for honest folk. I am not a cute huar (if that is how it’s spelled) I am a genuine practitioner trying to sell my services for an honest buck, there are thousands like me.
It’s starting to smell like a revolution….. :shifty:

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