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I agree with you that, where the scope of the work is clearly not commensurate with the usual skills range of a €250,000 practice, that this stipulation is both absurd and wasteful.

Was wondering about this idea.

The threshold turnover for an entity wishing to tender is €250,000.
Suppose your turnover at present as a small practice is ~ half of this figure.
Maybe you could – for the purposes of such tenders – explore the idea of forming a virtual company with 1 or more other (complementary rather than competing, I suppose) professional engineers.
The new virtual company could then bid against the big firms on the basis of service & price alone.

The structure and nature of this virtual company would naturally have to be worked out to the agreement of all partner practices contributing to it.
Disagreement is the usual problem with this sort of entity in the aerospace/engineering tender world. The individual small firms are often led by people who have usually never worked for anyone other than themselves and you get the predictable issues of differing attitudes to assured capability, delivery dates, quality, suspicion and selfishness.
So partner compatibility is important.

Is this the same as just merging practices ?
The virtual company partnership would be limited to such public tender work as would require combining turnover.
In all other respects the partner would carry on working as small practices in the individual areas of their expertise.

I suppose that you will need to suss out if such a proposal would be acceptable by the local authorities and other tendering bodies. Then you need to discuss the legal & operating structure of the new entity with some accountant.

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