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And this is why the alternatives to housing estates needs to be explored rather than open up a free for all.

I agree that you can{t throw the baby out with the bath water just because suburban housing estates were so badly designed in years gone by. I think that some good work has already been done in relation to developing alternatives to the traditional 16 to the acre housing estate, places like Adamstown and Pelletstown are lightyears ahead of what starter homes delivered in years gone by. This section taken from the Adamstown Masterplan is the best alternative, as it delivers high urban design quality, medium to high density and every possible facility you could want outside a City Centre:

“Development Area 11 – Adamstown Station
77 Adamstown SDZ Planning Scheme South Dublin County Council September 2003
Development Area 11
Adamstown Station
• 475 – 550 Dwelling units
• Up to 37,500 sq. m. of non-residential development
• New District Centre core
• Railway Station – Transport Interchange”

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