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Agreed that those are the four tenets of AT’s policy – although the first one also encompassing the much broader issue of settlement patterns etc.
It is unfortunate that the full side of the story is not delivered on the few brief occasions that AT have the opportunity to air their views – notably the three other issues other than the water quality aspect.

Roche is indeed verbose, grandiloquent I’d say :), and he certainly has honed the art of the flowery time-wasting introduction down to a tee (though I must admit to liking him on a personal level). But all the more reason for his opposing counterparts to be concise and direct in their responses, or more to the point, in the adgendas they set for him to respond to.
That is, the three/four other equally important parts of the debate that don’t get the coverage they deserve.

Eanna Ní Lamhna did well though considering the short time available – her popularity with housewives cannot be underestimated in worth 🙂

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