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JPD I think you must have been watching a very different programme as Roche fully admitted that most septic tanks in Ireland are not functioning due to the use of domestic disinfectants, admitted that no inspections on septic tanks were being carried out and that water quality was in crisis for the past 15 years. He also stated on the record that water-quality would be solved as of the 22nd of this month which is a remark that he very well could regret.

The most telling remark by the Minister of the discussion was that these regulations were not an attempt to change the criteria for determining planning applications; they were simply aimed at giving clarity as to who is entitled to apply for planning permission in rural areas and to communicate this to practicing local authority planners.

Therefore these regulations merely constitute a charter as to who the planners will give pre-planning consultation to, so the situation is unchanged in that the planners must still determine every application on its compliance with the development plan. With both scenic landscapes listed in most plans and an outright ban on ribbon development it will be very easy to talk to a planner but virtually impossible to secure a rural planning permission unless you are a genuine farmer who’s son/daughter wants to build very close to the existing farmhouse and/or outbuildings.

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