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@JPD wrote:

As usual more scare tactics, it might be a problem,

It is a problem and the fact that urban renewal tax incentives are still in place in towns all across Ireland 10 years into the biggest economic boom ever to be seen proves this. One off housing is in direct competition with urban Ireland and constitutes unfair competition as the urban taxpayer is subsidising it through higher local authority costs on services and infrastructure.

@JPD wrote:

there might be extra traffic, ?

You can’t walk 3 miles to the town every time you want something and you certainly can’t walk 30 miles to work and another 30 back after work.

@JPD wrote:

there might be a few that are not pleasing to the eye. ?

60% of the housing in the West of Ireland are one-offs (DoHLG annual housing statistics 2004) of which less than 5% are designed by a fully accredited architect, some of these 500 sq m + houses have the lowest design quality in the OECD.

@JPD wrote:

Are there any reasons not to build in the country that can actually be proven?

All of the above and the decline in tourist visitor numbers, UK down, France Down, Germany Down, Italy Down

Any more questions?

Dock Roche will be on the Political Partytommorow or today Sunday at 430 to defend his guidelines he will be faced by a well known environmental broadcaster who has as yet not made any comment. I am very interested to see what she has to say. 🙂

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