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@DaM wrote:

Fair enough JDP people have the right to expect all of the above, a House (even though Ireland is one of the few countries that does not have this right enshrined in its constitution) water, and electricity.

However it is now 2005 and you would expect that standards might strech be a little further than the basics. .

Dam I agree with the spirit and broad thrust of your very well made points but in regard to the basics of basic homes for the disspossessed,you must look at the average size of these applications. Typically they range between 180-650 sq m with the average proposal being 240 sq m with a seperate garage of 65 sq m with additional loft space.

@DaM wrote:

I am talking about the social and cultural benifits associated with urban living. A choice of schools, librarys, museums, civic spaces that act as meeting points and centre of the community eg markets, event spaces, shopping, entertainment and leisure facilities such as cinemas and good year round sports facilities. Social spaces bars nightclubs, performance arts venues and a choice of restaurants. The choice to walk, cycle or drive or use public transport to the above and to your workplace so they are accessible to all. Daycare facilities for your children, playgrounds and parks, easy access to healthcare facilities and a university or IT …..start-up buisness spaces ……..a small town will not be able to provide all of the above but it should provide some and a good transport link to the rest. .

I totally agree there is an immense loss of quality of life by cutting yourself off from much of the social progress delivered over the past 50 years.

@DaM wrote:

When towns and cities start to provide the above in a coherent and civic manner then peoples perceptions about urban life will soon start to change.

You would think that Ireland as a country that has developed so late that we would look to the mistakes of others and try a different approach ……..however we seem to be making a real mess of it all by ourselves.

Until the water quality fines kick in, it is like the person who buys an apartment and then realises that they have a service charge to pay, the same will apply to deficient septic tanks except the fines will be 10,000 plus per breach at the minimum. Lough Corrib is in crisis with urban generated run off and these guidelines will only excerbate the problem, not to mention the Headford Road Roundabout.

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