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Frank Taylor

@JPD wrote:

Thats interesting about the wills but back to the issue, none of you have proven why rural paople shouldn’t be allowed build houses in rural areas. All you Dublin 4 types keep saying is they look ugly to your vision of the Countryside and that bins can be collected cheaper from the Streets of Dublin 4. As for roads have any of you left the main roads in some Counties? You could dissapear into some of the craters I have seen.

How about living in a village rather than open countryside? Is Ballydehob just that bit too urban?

One approach to one-off housing development would be to allow it but only on the basis that the owner paid the true increased costs for all services provided.

There is also an issue of fairness: if rural people should always be allowed to build in their areas then why not Dublin 4 people? Most young people from the area of Dublin I grew up in can’t afford to live there and have moved out to places like Lucan. Shouldn’t they be allowed to build a house with more storeys and a smaller garden on their parents’ suburban plot? I think they should, but planning rules state that this type of development would not be in keeping with the scale and form of the rows of stumpy bungalows built there in the 60’s.

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