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Amen to that, it frightens me that in 30 years I will be relying on an economy with the least sustainable development pattern in the EU to provide at least part of my pension. All the emotional b*llshite in the world is not going to make the future cost of this go away. Whilst this may swell the coffers of local authorities for a few years via development levies of 10,000 a unit it is going to result in much higher local authority overheads into perpetuity.

The definition of which according to a Lease I once read is: Perpetuity is defined as being ‘That day when the last surviving descendent of the late President of Ireland Eamon De Valera passes away.’

I noted Eamon Gilmores point that local authority utility inflation has run at 16 times the rate of CSO inflation over the past 5 years. This is a disgrace.

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