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If a disabled person that requires family assistance is not allowed live beside their family

I call your b*llshit. If there was a single case of a disabled person being forced to live miles from their families because of evil planners, they’d be paraded around like the goat at the Puck fair by the usual selection of local councillors, builders, auctioneers and landowners keen to to peddle sites. This is similar to the b*llshit claim that local children are not being allowed to live near their parents on the family farm. There are simply NO documentated cases of this happening.

Let’s face it; this is a big industry which makes money for landowners, auctioneers and builders. Except for this small self-interested group, most country people are against houses being built all over the place. Of course there are some country people who’ve swallowed the “evil Dublin 4 city types telling us what to do” false populist indignation peddled by the aforementioned concillors cum builders/landowners/etc. but most see it for what it is.

I heard councillor a particular FF councillor from Mayo being made look like a complete fool on the radio about a year ago as he berated An Taisce for wanting to “ethnically cleanse the countryside” . The An Taisce representative asked him could he put a number on the amount of objections they (An Taisce) had made in Mayo in the previous year. After a whole load of bluster he admitted he didn’t; the An Taisce representative told him that they had made ONE SINGLE objection during the year. In the meantime, drive about five miles out the road from this councillors home town in Mayo and observe the rows of not yet completed bungalows with “For Sale” signs from the councillor’s auctioneering business. This is happening all over the country; “local people” apply for and get planning permission on the farcical basis that they intend to live “near their roots” only to stick up a “For Sale” sign four months later without ever spending a single night on the property.

Obviously if I was involved in this industry myself, I’d probably feel threatend by planning guidelines. However I think it’s pretty despicable to use false and unfounded images of disabled people being forced to live apart from their relatives and farmers’ children being driven away from the land to promote an environmentally damaging industry.

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