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@Rockflanders wrote:

For once I totally agree.

As for your opinions on the forced insitutionalisation of disabled people I doubt even you could call on Europe to support that. If a disabled person that requires family assistance is not allowed live beside their family – how can you possibly say that is right? I would prefer to see humans being happy living in pink pvc and asbestos skyscrapers than listen to this preening rubbish.

Dick Roche is not anti development, unlike some of the people contributing here.

That is not what I said at all, what I said is that towns are a better location for disabled people as they are capable of living independent/semi-independent lives in whatever house type they decide is most suitable for their needs. Putting them out beyond the development boundary makes them completely car dependent and cuts them off from their social networks and essential facilities such as retail, leisure and churches/community etc.

If this government had such a commitment to disabled people why is this one of the only European Countries where the disabled have no ‘rights based protection’ under law?

Why have no facilities such as this been developed.

It was a PR stunt and one in very poor taste.

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