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The search “Goulding Summerhouse” is very unsatisfying;
no results

However “Summerhouse” brings gold…and a recent ‘extension?’ apllication

e-planning file details
This building will be linked to a building known as the Summerhouse which is a protected structure. The external design of the proposed structure is similar …

Marvellous tool that google “site:” thing…I tend to use a lot 😀

Incidentally the appplication got booted as…basically there is nowhere to poop…

The proposed development constitutes sporadic development in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty Landscape Zone contrary to the provisions of the County Development Plan. These provisions are required to maintain scenic amenities, recreational utility, existing character, and to preserve views of special amenity value and special interest and to conserve the attractiveness of the county for the development of tourism and tourist related employment.
The Council’s settlement strategy policy is to encourage further growth of existing settlements and to restrict rural housing development to cases where there is a bona fide necessity to live in the rural area instead of in existing settlements. It is considered that the applicant does not come within the scope of the housing need criteria in the Development Plan. The proliferation of non-essential housing in rural landscape areas erodes the landscape value of these areas and seriously detracts from views of special amenity value.

2. No evidence is available that the site is suitable for septic tank effluent percolation and if found to be unsuitable then this development would be prejudicial to public health.

3. The site is located within a Proposed Natural Heritage Area (Dargle River Valley, Wooded Valley), as identified in the Wicklow County Development Plan 1999 and as such the proposed development would be contrary to the proper planning and development of the area.

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